om Greenphones

Environment, quality and service in focus

Greenphones was founded in Tvedestrand in 2012 by Tor Erik Håland and Tor Ingvald Kilen.

With a strong focus on the environment and sustainability, the interest in reusing mobile phones became the starting point for the company - which during the years that followed has emerged as one of Norway's leading players on the market. Greenphones is still located in Tvedestrand, with its own warehouse, security room and outlet.

In addition, Greenphones has a 24-hour online store with fast delivery, flexible payments and chat support. We aim to offer an end-to-end solution that has a clear focus on protecting the environment. and at the same time save the customer money without sacrificing quality and service.

Mobile deposit

An important part of our business area is mobile mortgage. We buy used mobile phones, which are carefully checked for quality, repaired and prepared for a new life. The mobile phones are sold via our online store to private customers and the business market.

We at Greenphones take data security very seriously.

That is why we use Blancco, one of the world's leading applications that securely deletes all data, so you can be sure that the mobile you pledge will be handled right.

Private and business

Since 2012

We have served over 15,000 private customers since 2012 and currently have a number of business agreements.

Our customers include banks, universities, municipalities and local companies.

Social involvement

An environmentally friendly company

Greenphones has for several years collaborated with NAV and places such as Durapart.

Durapart is a municipal/county municipal company that helps people who are outside the working life get into work.

From Syria to Tvedestrand

Kinan (34) from Syria also worked with mobile phones in his home country, and is very happy with his job at GreenPhones.

- I came to Vegårshei as a refugee, and first got a Norwegian course, before I got work experience at GreenPhones. Now I'm employed and I'm very happy, he says happily

Kinan has also moved, and now lives in an apartment in the same building as the shop. Now it's a short way to the job he loves so much, where he repairs mobile phones.

- I like soldering the most, and I like fiddling with parts so small that I have to use the microscope, he smiles.

For more information about Greenphones, or if you have any questions - don't hesitate to contact us!