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Greenphones offers a mobile subscription with PlussMobil

Greenphone collaborates with Plussmobil to deliver affordable mobile subscriptions
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For quite some time now, we have been looking for a partner to offer affordable mobile subscriptions and combine this with the purchase of our quality-assured used mobiles.

Cooperation with PlussMobil

We have recently established a partnership with PlussMobil. PlussMobil has some of the market's lowest prices, and offers affordable mobile subscriptions from 0GB to free data packages and uses Telenor's 4G/5G network..

From this week, our customers who are near our store in Tvedestrand can take out a new subscription or transfer their existing subscription to Plussmobile. If you also want to buy a new mobile phone, we give you NOK 500 off any phone you choose. As a welcome package from PlussMobil, you get an additional 20 GB of data on top of the subscription you choose.

Who is PlussMobil?
Who is behind it?

PlussMobil is part of Aller Media, one of Norway's largest and most traditional media houses. We own well-known brands such as Dagbladet, KK, Se og Hør and several other magazines. For over 175 years, Aller Media has published magazines, periodicals and newspapers and set the agenda for critical societal issues.

We know that many people love to read our magazines and newspapers. Therefore, you also get access to all digital magazines as long as you are a mobile customer. Our large selection of editorial content makes it natural to include access to all plus content from our brands. Therefore, all subscribers get four months' free access to Dagbladet Pluss, KK Pluss, Se og Hør Pluss, Vi Pluss and Elbil24 PRO.



Here are some (but not all) benefits of buying a mobile phone subscription from Greenphones.

  • Automatic NOK 500 discount on any phone

  • 2 year warranty

  • 30-day open purchase

  • Free return

  • Flexible payment options

  • 20GB additional data welcome gift

  • eMagazines (including Se og Hør, Dagbladet)

  • 3 months free mobile insurance covering:

  • Shattered screen - covers damage that leads to a shattered screen

  • Total damage - covers all damage to the phone.

  • Theft - you get a new phone if it is stolen.

Click here to read more about PlussMobil and its various subscriptions.

P.S. We don't want to promise too much too soon, but in a short time all our customers will be able to buy a mobile + subscription from our online store. Stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.