et utvalg av våre mobiler

Condition, warranty - A little about our used mobiles.

Probably the most asked question is about the condition of the phones we sell. We fully understand that it is extremely important to build trust around the purchase of a used product, especially a mobile phone that is very personal. Although we offer a 30-day return policy and a 2-year warranty, we really only want to see a phone returned when it's sold back to us. This is why we do our utmost to ensure that all devices are in perfect condition and with a battery level that ensures long use in the future.

We have put together some of the questions we most often get about our mobiles as well as a brief description of our condition assessments (Grade A, B and C)

Is the quality of a used mobile the same as that of a new mobile?

Grade A: "As good as new"

This unit has no to minimal signs of wear and looks as good as new. The device is technically in perfect order and works perfectly. So you can say that a used mobile in Grade A has the same quality as a new mobile.

Grade B: 'Lightly used'

The device has minimal signs of use, for example a small light scratch on the cover or screen. The device is technically flawless and works perfectly.

Grade C: "Used Visibly"

The Grade C used mobile often contains visible signs of use, such as a scratch or a light dent. The device is technically flawless and works perfectly. By buying a Grade C, you can easily save tens of kroner. But with a nice cover, such a mobile can be perfect as a first-time purchase for children/young people.

What about the warranty on a used mobile phone?

If you buy a used mobile phone from Greenphones, you get a standard 24-month warranty, even on the device's battery. Compared to the warranty you get for the example of a new Apple iPhone, this is a significant advantage.

24 mnd garanti

Can I update iOS with my used iPhone?

Unlike many other manufacturers, the iPhone now gets six years of support. This means that the device can be delivered with the latest iOS updates during this period. This applies not only to new iPhones, but also to used iPhones.

From the used iPhone 6s, you can perform iOS updates with any type of iPhone to the latest version. With iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, you can update iOS to version 12. 4 8

Can I return my used mobile phone?

As a consumer, you have the right to return an online purchase within 14 days. So you first have time to evaluate the product, just as you would in the store. With Greenphones you enjoy not 14 days, but 30 days of return. This gives you plenty of time to quietly try out your used mobile phone. Are you not satisfied? You can then return the product to us within these 30 days. (Free Shipping)

"With Greenphones you don't enjoy a 14-day, but a 30-day right of return"

Is there a new battery in my used mobile phone?

All our used Grade A and B mobiles are equipped with a battery with a minimum capacity of 85% and a maximum number of charge cycles of 700. Our Grade C mobiles come with a minimum of 80%+. If you believe that the battery is draining too quickly, we will immediately replace it with a new battery if it is within the warranty period of less than two years.

The advantages of buying a used mobile:

  1. Cheaper than a new mobile, so in many cases you save up to 50% on the new price!
  2. A used mobile phone has been quality assured and comes with a 2-year warranty.
  3. You can return your used mobile phone, with a cooling-off period of 30 days.
  4. You contribute to a sustainable society and circular economy!

Do you have questions about our used mobile phones?

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