How we test and quality-assure your phone

An explanation of how we take data security and quality assurance very seriously. We provide a brief description of our latest implementation of Phonecheck which provides industry standards for used mobile certifications.
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As a dealer of used phones, you can be sure that the mobiles we put up for sale are in excellent condition, have not been stolen and are not under financing. Thanks to thorough testing and third-party certification, buyers can come to us knowing they're getting value. There's no need to worry about Apple ID locks, low batteries, or device authenticity.

"We want to contribute to creating trust in the mobile phone aftermarket"

Greenphones AS

Greenphones introduces 'Phonecheck', an industry standard in the certification of used mobiles. Phonecheck gives us all the secure deletion standards we need, cloud-based documentation and certification, and the scalability we need to process more phones more efficiently.

The Greenphones concept is about extending the life of mobile phones and supports the circular economy. We buy our mobiles from the private market (about 70% of our total inventory). We also buy phones from large suppliers in Denmark and the Netherlands.

We know that a critical factor in selling a phone to us is to ensure that when the phone is resold, all private data is deleted and the phone is reset. On the other side of a trade, when buying from us, we want our customers to know that our phones are in 100% working technical condition and that our grading (A, B and C) is primarily cosmetic the aspect of the mobile, not the technical. We carry out both a visual and technical quality check of all units processed by us.

"Our goal has always been and continues to be to make buyers and sellers feel safe and secure in their dealings with us.

In recent times, we have seen a significant increase in the volume of pawned mobiles and online sales. Our customers ask for more information about the mobile's history and not least how we test and check mobiles" - Tor Ingvald Kilen, Greenphones AS.

Key points about Phonecheck

Detailed diagnostics

  1. Check locks and 20+ diagnostics in seconds

  2. Automated 80+ point inspection

  3. If the mobile phone is lost or stolen

  4. Checking Global Blacklist

  5. Battery Health

OEM Secure Erase: 

Phonecheck meets and exceeds the strictest OEM secure data erasure standards set by the foremost leaders in secure data disposal.


Phonecheck is the industry standard in B2C device certification; each tested device is associated with a unique, easy-to-understand consumer-friendly device certification.

To read more about Phonecheck click here.