Tre tips til en grønnere, penere, snillere og mer smakfull jul

Three tips for a greener, prettier, kinder and tastier Christmas

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Christmas is a time for traditions - and we would like everything to be both perfect - and exactly as before. Something that is pleasant - but hectic.

This Christmas will be different for many - but it will be Christmas this year too.

And perhaps this different year is a good opportunity to introduce some new, green traditions at Christmas?

Choosing greener doesn't have to mean dramatic changes.

We have some suggestions that can do good for the Christmas spirit and the earth.

Beautiful gifts

Ethical and aesthetic packages under the tree

Thin gift paper contains so much dye and so little fiber that it should not be recycled as paper but sorted as residual waste.

And there will quickly be quite a lot of residual waste. 60,000 kilometers of wrapping paper are thrown away every year - in Norway.

But we want to both give and receive nice packages.

Fortunately, there has been a good selection of recyclable gift paper, or use regular gray paper. If it gets a bit sober, you can use colorful cartoon pages as wrapping.

Decorate with twigs, fragrant herbs or pieces of cinnamon stick, organic cotton or fir bar.

Environmentally friendly glitter gives a party atmosphere, completely without microplastics.

And remember the practicalities: 

Degradable tape, wool thread or colored twine.

You can also make gift tags yourself.

Use your imagination, be creative and enjoy yourself.  

By the way, did you know that giving gifts makes us happier than receiving? 

Used gifts are best!

Environmentally friendly and budget friendly under the tree.

Interiors, electronics and sports equipment are great gifts - and smart to buy used.

Here you have the opportunity to make good purchases and get gifts that are goods and pleasures.

At the same time, there are some pitfalls in shopping second-hand, especially when it's Christmas presents.

No one wants to give away something that is in poor condition - so take some precautions.

If you buy from a private person, you basically have no right of withdrawal, so you should be reasonably sure that the gift will be well received.

For larger items, it may also be an idea to set up a purchase contract, where you agree on the price and the condition of the product upon takeover.

Be aware of scams.

You should of course never give strangers access to sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or login information.

At GreenPhone you pay safely - and have a number of options, such as Vipps and Klarna.

If you buy from a trader online, you basically have a 14-day right of return.

GreenPhones gives you 30 days open purchase now this Christmas.

In addition, we have a two-year warranty on all mobiles and tablets - and a wide selection.

See our selection here!

Then it helps to think that the gift contributes to a better environment.

Did you know that only 20% of electronics are recycled.  

Eat the food

Have a rest party on the third day.  

Christmas is a time to throw away food. In 2019, we bought almost NOK 23 billion worth of Christmas food, or NOK 4,400 per person, according to Statistics Norway.

And a lot is thrown away.

It is particularly sad because Christmas food is so good. Many people buy a little extra good quality and put a lot of thought into the preparation and then you just... throw it away?

If ribs with traditional side dishes don't tempt you so much for the third day in a row - make something new out of the Christmas food.

Season, mash, marinate, wrap. Put ribs in salad and pork chops on pizza, make rice patties and potato wedges from the rest.

Taste your way to new combinations.

Christmas food has a different shelf life - but in general it is wise not to leave the food out on the table for more than a few hours on the evening itself.

Clean it away quickly, and make sure to store it properly, Christmas food will last a few days in the fridge - and much can be frozen.

White pork pizza is no less good in January.

Did you know that food waste has been reduced by 12% between 2015 - 2019.

It's going the right way.