Mobil til barn

Mobile for children

Mobile phone for children helps the family coordinate everyday life. It is easier for the children to call home to be picked up or to let them know if plans change. In addition, it is fun to be able to play on the mobile and the children can stay in touch with friends. There are many mobile phones to choose from, so it may be good to think through which needs it should cover.

Good to have for the children's mobile phone

  1. Cover and screen protector that can withstand a shock.
  2. Insurance to avoid additional expenses in case of damage or theft.
  3. Parental control creates security and a clear framework.

Our recommendations for children

The mobile phone for the children does not have to cost a lot. Used is good enough, so we have a separate collection of mobiles suitable for children. Use the link to see our best and most affordable recommendations right now.

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Children's mobile packages

When you order a mobile phone marked "for children" it always comes with:

  • Mobile
  • Charger
  • Cable
  • Screen protector
  • TPU cover
  • Sim pin

Value: NOK 420

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